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Lemoyne/Camp Hill, PA


How would you like to experience yourself more fully than you can ever imagine?  How would you like to free yourself from anything that is holding you back from being fully you and just be YOU? What a bright world this would be if we all experienced and contributed our full potential!

Please join with me to create a sacred space in the midst of your life, a space for respite, for quiet, for healing, for connecting with your physical body, mind, spirit, soul and energy.

I have the ability to provide the space, the container for you to be fully honest with yourself and your experiences, the witness to your processing and reconnection.

I would love the opportunity to work together with you in deep presence and lightness of spirit, through massage, craniosacral fascial therapy and many energy healing modalities to assist you in your healing and meeting yourself on whatever level you need via:

Intuitive Integrative Energy Healing, CFT Craniosacral Fascial Therapy or Therapeutic Massage

I can truly say that I have very much been led to explore and experience each modality that I use for my own healing and bring this to assisting my clients.

So what do you say, would you like to come share in the journey?

If so, read more in About Alicia and in the other pages here.

Please check out my Specials page.  I look forward to meeting you. 



"Clear the way for love to shine through."  ~  Unknown

"Give light and people will find the way"  ~  Ella Baker

"We are powerful beyond measure.  As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."  ~ Marianne Williamson



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