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Through her CFT work, Alicia is able to do some amazing things for many people (including myself) by releasing areas that are stuck in ways that doctors don't have the ability to do. Her work can really help people to be able to move more easily, have less pain, and do it in a natural, holistic way. It can be done in conjunction with surgery, if it is found that surgery is needed later. CFT is a great step to take prior to going the surgery route. Sometimes surgery isn't necessary after a number of sessions with Alicia.

Tricia L. - Minnesota

2015 My teenage daughter had a severe alignment issue with her jaw.  Her bite was so off that only 1 tooth was being connected with causing a lot of tension and pressure on this one tooth.  Her dentist recommended that she have a very invasive surgery on her jaw to cut the jaw bones and force her jaws into proper position.  This sounded very traumatic to us and we searched for other possible solutions.  That is when we heard about Alicia and the CFT Craniosacral Fascial work that she does and thought we'd give it a try in order to avoid the expensive and traumatic jaw surgery.  After 3 sessions which included external CFT and intra-oral CFT, her jaws and teeth were almost completely realigned all without expensive, painful and traumatic surgery.  We did a total of 5 sessions with Alicia.  We are very pleased.

Emma S., Perry County 

An acquaintance referred me to Alicia in May 2011 while I was recovering from a complicated dental implant procedure.  Alicia's unique blend of traditional and contemporary approaches has been a wonderful support during the ongoing dental appointments. She has brought relief, a sense of ease and gentle humor to my healing process.

Mary B.,Westminster, MD

I got to know Alicia and heard her presentation about Craniosacral Fascial Therapy while I was still pregnant. I gave birth to twin baby boys.  They were healthy but had issues... lots of colic, fussyness, crying, constipation, eyes crossed, tongue clicking (one twin more than the other), reflux, as well as not sleeping at night AND not sleeping during the day.  I have been exhausted because I am not getting much sleep or rest night or day. One twin had the cord around his neck.  Both had abdominal restrictions.
Alicia encouraged me to bring the babies to her. She treated them pretty much weekly for 7 sessions and all of the above issues have resolved, except maybe a minor bit of the tongue clicking.  They have been sleeping through the night for the past 2 weeks and now are taking daily naps from 1 - 3 PM.  I am thrilled for the boys' improvement and for finally being able to get good sleep myself... just in time as I returned to work shortly after the 7th treatment session.  I am referring another new mom to Alicia.  We are so happy and grateful!

Jamie M., Hanover, PA

I first met Alicia 2 years ago and I have been seeing Alicia for Craniosacral Fasical Therapy treatments off and on for over 2 years. The very first time she worked with me I was having incredible jaw pain and I thought I would give it a try.  Alicia said that the fascial tension in my jaw was so great that it felt to her like my jaw was going to explode!  I received immediate decrease in the pain during the session. I continued to feel much better during the next week, so much so, that I believed it would be extremely helpful for me to come to see Alicia on a regular basis because this is the best I have felt in a long time.  I have been in psychotherapy for a long time for anxiety and depression and trauma from past abuse issues.  After the 4th session with Alicia, my psychotherapist asked me what else I have been doing and I told her about Alicia and Craniosacral Fascial Therapy.  My psychotherapist said that I have been making great progress in the last 4 weeks since also doing the Craniosacral Fascial Therapy and encouraged me to continue.  It feels good to make progress.

Barbara S., Mechanicsburg, PA

I started coming to Alicia hoping for something that would help me heal from past abuse issues and anxiety and depression.   I had a strange phobia but I didn't share this with Alicia in the beginning.  During one session, I kind of went back into a PTSD response when she was working with my arms.  I shared with Alicia that anytime I saw someone with a prosthetic arm the PTSD would really hit me.  We were hopeful that the Craniosacral Fascial Therapy work would help with this.  Before my next session with Alicia, I purposely put myself in proximity to people who had prosthetic arms and I did NOT have a PTSD response, I didn't have ANY response!  It was such a relief!  I have had craniosacral therapy in the past, but I found this particular Craniosacral Fascial Therapy to be way more helpful.

Michelle in Virginia

During a basketball game, someone's fist came in contact with my head and it really disoriented me and caused me a lot of pain as well as severe problems functioning daily.  I had a concussion.  Fortunately I knew of the Craniosacral Fascial Therapy work that Alicia does and hoped she could help me.  Alicia said that my cranial bones were severly out of alignment in my cranium due to the blow to my head.  As she held my head and worked with the fascia, she felt the fascia unwind and the cranial bones move back into place.  Lucky for me... I felt so much better.  I did return to Alicia for another 1-2 sessions and continued on the road to healing. Alicia I am so grateful!

Joseph B., York, PA

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