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Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) is a gentle method of hands-on healing.
Reiki is not massage, hypnosis or a tool for diagnosing illness.
Although spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion and does not require specific beliefs in order for it to be beneficial.
Many ancient cultures embraced the belief that life energy flows throughout the body, deeply affecting our entire being. Current research suggests that energy does extend throughout and beyond the physical body and that disruptions or imbalances in its flow correlate to physical, mental and emotional illness. The healing art of Reiki is a subtle energy technique that addresses both chronic and acute conditions. When our personal energy becomes blocked due to stress or illness, Reiki provides a means to recharge, realign and rebalance our energy flow promoting our natural healing process. To receive Reiki, most people lie on a massage table fully clothed. (It can also be done in a seated position as well). The practitioner will place her hand either directly on the body or off the body in the energy field. Most people experience a deep relaxation which is of utmost importance in helping to restore immune system function and improve circulation, enhancing healing throughout the body. Reiki promotes restful sleep, release of painful muscle tension, relief from anxiety, depression and grief issues. For more information go to

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