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Presley's Story

2011 Presley's Story Presley is 7 years old and is not at the level of all children his age. We are not surprised. He came several weeks early, and he spent 10 days in the NICU. He was vacuum turned because he was face up. He weighed 4 pounds 15.9 ounces. The doctor said he would never have used the vacuum if he knew he was that small.

We have been bringing Presley to Alicia for Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) treatment sessions since January 13, 2011. His major issues are sensory processing, anxiety, learning issues, incontinence issues as well as other things. He improves greatly each week.

We homeschool Presley. After several CFT sessions, he is able now to focus and concentrate for longer and longer periods of time. His morning alertness and disposition has shocked us since getting the CFT Craniosacral Fascial Therapy treatments with Alicia.

We are continuing the supplements (feeding the brain) avoiding food colorings, caffiene and sugar as much as possible. We are also continuing his weekly CFT sessions. We are getting the serontonin levels up with exercise in addition to the serontonin supplement he is taking.

Initially we committed to 5 sessions to get a good sense of whether this was helpful. Because of the work Alicia has done, he has had great improvements. Presley has now completed 16 or 17 sessions. This number of sessions has been very helpful and important for Presley with his specific issues for improvement and to help his brain to heal and develop. We have been able to spread out the last few sessions to every 2 weeks instead of weekly.

Presley has physically grown since his treatments began in January. His head was larger and misshapen, especially the back of it. His head has changed to be a more normal size and shape. He is getting taller and taller. His sleeping is much improved. He is more relaxed and sits and lays down much more: prior to CFT treatments, he would stand 95% of the his day even while eating and watching TV. His speech, use of words and the ability for others to understand him has greatly improved. He is more social and outgoing. His memory is improving. Less shy, helpful around the house and takes good care of his dog feeding, watering and walking her. Opens his mouth more to eat and drink. Does not require a straw now. Drinks without a straw and does not ask for one.

Presley has always had sensory processing disorder since a baby. I can honestly say he has improved in this area 100% since Alicia has worked with him. He now swims in swimming pools, rides carnival rides (loves bumper cars) and goes on swings. All things he avoided for many years. He commented that he is not getting dizzy and not getting sick anymore.

His incontinence issues have improved. Sleeps without pull ups and can hold it all night. Hardly using pull ups at all now. He is now peeing regularly in public restrooms. Can sense when he needs to go. I believe his brain has caught up to his kidneys and bowels now. Wide awake and ready to start his day. Not sluggish in the mornings anymore.

As his mother, my diagnosis of Presley is Overfocused ADD. I would normally add the sensory processing disorder too. However, that has improved significantly since receiving the CFT treatments. Now the main issue is Overfocused ADD which has also been improving. We appreciate what Alicia has done for Presley and we believe it has helped him greatly. He is creative and passionate. Loves to go places and be doing new and different things. We are very pleased and optimistic that with help our son has a bright future ahead.

Happy Parents, Melissa and Roger, Happier Son, Presley

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